Brief Introduction To The Innovative Dog Knee Support Brace

This is a short article for all dog handlers and owners. It is a must read for them if they have not yet had the advantage of using a dog knee support brace before. The perception among many pet owners may have been that the brace that this introduction is about to propose is far too complex and expensive to utilize. But, of course, it is nothing of the sort. So, without any further ado and without any more beating about the bush, let us proceed with our summary on why the brace is accessible as well as being innovative to all dog lovers and their beloved pets.

When a canine stifle joint is partially or completely ruptured, the tibia is unrestrained and a cranial tibial thrust occurs. This forward thrust of the tibia causes instability of the stifle or knee joint. This could cause your dog to limp along quite uncomfortably, or even painfully. When that happens, it is time to fit the dog with a dog knee support brace, also scientifically termed as a stifle orthosis. This form of canine orthotic support is designed to create biomechanical support that intentionally stabilizes the dog’s hind leg by mechanically linking the femur and tibia together via the hinges placed across the stifle joint.  

The hinges that link the femur and tibia does this successfully by joining the upper femoral shell with the tibial shell. In doing this, the dog is still able to enjoy its usual supported motion of sitting, standing and walking. Today’s dog knee support braces are designed and manufactured utilizing digital processes to mold a fiberglass impression of the dog’s leg. This impression essentially becomes a 3D model. It is sculpted digitally to create an exact replica of the dog’s intended ACL brace shape. A vacuum takes shape through the utilization of advanced plastics in order to create a customized outcome.

Only after soft medical grade foam liners, adjustable and replaceable straps and pads are added, is this canine orthotic device ready to be fitted on the dog. It can take anything from five to seven working days to prepare such an orthotic device for dogs.  Given all the technologies that go into designing and preparing such a necessary device, it is plain to see that long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. It is a far cry and a great deal better than preparing for the ordeal of, as it now turns out to be, unnecessary surgical procedures.

dog knee support brace

It is also organic and non-invasive to the dog. No prescribed medicines need to be given to a vulnerable animal. And the animal will never be self-conscious and even aware that it is wearing the brace, given that it is built precisely in accordance with the animal’s physiological structure and for comfort and freedom of movement. Curious onlookers in the form of canine companions can only but wonder its masters never thought of adding this brace before.